Welcome to the Teacher led LMS System!

Learning Management System

Xtingwish LCMS

Xtingwish LCMS provides a powerful user interface to quickly create and mange course materials.

Xtingwish LMS

Xtingwish LMS provides a simplified learning environment allowing students to quickly adapt to the inverted classroom model.

Xtingwish LMS and LCMS is currently in private beta.  While we work out the kinks we are not actively taking on new account.


- Create and Manage Full Courses

- Monitor and Track Student Progress

- Course Importing and Exporting

- Course Approval

- Mobile Learning

You can contact us to let us know  you would like to be notified when we open the beta.

Our goal is simple: To create an online learning environment to compliment an inverted classroom experience.


Xtingwish LMS has been in development since February 2014 but the concept of merging online learning with a classroom environment has been around for many years.  Xtingwish LMS is a teacher advised learning management system to focus on the needs of the teacher.  Xtingwish LMS along with Xtingwish LCMS provides the tools needed and the simplification wanted to quickly and easily manage an inverted educational classroom.

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